Marshmallow Challenge – a Really Fun Teambuilding Game

Marshmallow Challenge – a Really Fun Teambuilding Game

Marshmallow Challenge is a fun team building game that stimulates creativity. The game follows a simple formula: You put participants into small teams, give them a crafting task and then let them compete against each other. Some teams become really ambitious. The competition gets the participants really going and the teambuilding starts.

This is how the teambuilding game works:

You play Marshmallow Challenge in groups of four or five players. Each group receives 20 spaghetti, one meter of masking tape and one marshmallow. Then the groups have 18 minutes to build a tower with the materials. At the end, each team will measure the height of their marshmallow. The tower with the highest marshmallow wins the game. It is important for the team building feeling to have a small prize for the winning team, but also something for everyone else.

The team spirit comes through tinkering.

The building game is not easy: marshmallows are heavier than you might think and it is not easy to get really high with the thin spaghettis. I’ve tried the handicraft game many times and I’m every time teams seem to grow closer together.

Learnings about Prototyping

After the game you should ask the most successful groups about the secret of their success. Groups that plan a lot often end up with collapsing towers because they underestimate the weight of the marshmallow. When they put it on the tower a minute before the time runs out they realize their mistake and the tower crashes down. Winning groups usually only briefly make a plan and then use the time to try out many different construction methods. Therefore the game is often used as an educational game about agile working and early testing.

PS: Buy enough marshmallows. In this game they keep disappearing.


Planning, testing, building. Learning what works.