A Dangerously Fun Teambuilding Exercise

Material for the teambuilding exercise with a raw egg

A dangerously fun teambuilding exercise

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I like to play this teambuilding exercise whenever I’m attending multiple day workshops with teams. The game makes for a nice break from working, and allows your team to get to know each other in a more chill atmosphere. Also: it’s a heck of a lot of fun! And once you pull out the real eggs from your bag, people know it’ll get serious.

How it works:

The teambuilding exercise is played in teams of 3 to 5 players. Each team is provided with 20 sheets of printer paper, a meter of painter’s tape, and an egg (not the boiled kind, ya know!). The goal is to protect the egg in a way that it can plummet from a significant height and stay intact. The teams have 18 minutes to build a protective capsule for the egg. Once time is up, the fun start and the egg capsules are put to the test: each one is dropped from an increasing height to the floor. Teams whose eggs break are eliminated. And obviously – the team with the most robust egg capsule wins!

Alternative materials:

There are many fun alternatives when it comes to materials that can be used. I’ve played this game with plastic straws, popcorn bags, and plastic bags (for building parachutes).

Pay attention to:

After the exercise, the winning team should share more about their process and the key to their success. A lot of times, you’ll see that the group who did minimal planning and relied on trial and error instead will win. When the eggs are dropped to the floor, you obviously need to make sure that the surface can be cleaned easily. Conference spaces with egg stains aren’t high on the list these days. A more safe alternative to get teams into a flow of trial and error is the Marshmallow Challenge. Remind the teams that this game is about fun and not about winning. End the teambuilding exercise with a round of everyone high fives everyone.

How to lead the teambuilding exercise:

Bringing a tape measure to determine the exact height the egg is dropped from will make you look ultra-professional and bring the teams a little extra joy and something to brag about.

Find the german translation of this game here.